HTS Subwoofer (Each)

The HTS Subwoofer is available as a stand-alone subwoofer with flexible connection and tuning controls that make it an ideal upgrade to any compact home theatre system. The compact dimensions mean the HTS Subwoofer is easy to place in the room and the energy saving auto-power on/off functions means there is no need to have easy access to its controls.

Tannoy HTS Subwoofer uses a real wood cabinet that has been braced and bonded to maximise rigidity and reduce colouration. The substantial baffle ensures solid mounting of the powerful driver and bass that is well controlled even with the deepest low frequency effects. A long-throw 200 mm (8.00”) downward firing bass driver forms the heart of the HTS Subwoofer. The lightweight paper pulp cone delivers accurate low frequency reproduction down into the sub-bass region. The massive ferrite motor system ensures bass effects have real presence and power in the room. The HTS Subwoofer has a strong 100Watt amplifier on-board to generate remarkable bass power and volume when required. A high current design, the HTS Subwoofer amplifier ensures the bass is as fast and tight as it is deep and expressive.

For fine tuning the bass response in room the HTS Subwoofer offers a level of control normally only found on bespoke stand-alone subwoofers. The crossover frequency can be adjusted from 50hz to 200Hz ensuring seamless integration with not only HTS speakers abut a wide range of compact home theatre systems and the phase can be reversed to get the best sound from any room position. To match a wide range of modern electronics and speaker systems, the HTS Subwoofer is finished in deep gloss black. The downward firing bass driver means no grille is required.