HTS101 5.1 (Each)

HTS 101 is a super-compact 5.1 channel home theatre system designed to blend seamlessly into any modern living room. Discreet yet potent, the four HTS Satellite speakers offer flexible room positioning on their supplied wall brackets or non-scratch rubber feet, while the discreet centre channel can be placed on any TV cabinet or open shelf. The HTS 101 system is completed with an HTS Subwoofer.

The HTS 101 system is a discreet, exceptionally compact wall or shelf mount system ideal for smaller spaces. Housed in their rigid wooden cabinets the HTS satellites integrate seamlessly with the twin mid bass driver HTS centre channel speaker designed to bring out the best in cinema dialogue. The wide dispersion characteristics of the satellite speakers offers flexible placement, ideal for odd shaped rooms or where doors and windows occupy the ideal speaker placement spot.

The potent yet discreet HTS active subwoofer completes the HTS 101 package, delivering deep and potent low frequency effects from any convenient room location. . The compact dimensions mean the HTS Subwoofer is easy to place in the room and the energy saving auto-power on/off functions means there is no need to have easy access to its controls.