Definition Subwoofer

Seamlessly blending power and passion with detail and control, the Definition Subwoofer delivers smooth LF extension with music and thunderous Low Frequency Effects with movies.


A design of simplicity and refined power, a 1 KW amplifier drives an opposing pair of 300 mm (12 inch) long throw metal-cone drivers in a substantial plywood cabinet. Definition Subwoofer is designed and engineered with TANNOY’s fundamental principles of precision and articulation at its heart.

At the heart of the Definition Subwoofer is a cutting edge 1000 Watt Class D amplifier with high speed switch mode power supply. Boasting exceptionally low Total Harmonic Distortion (less than 0.05%) this amplifier delivers massive dynamic power to control the twin metal-cone LF drivers. The amplifier module is mated to a powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine that offers user controls entirely in the digital domain for the most accurate set-up and LF response. A multifunction rotary control device and LCD display are mounted on the front panel for simple user control.

Definition Subwoofer
Output power 1000 W RMS
Low frequency response (-6 dB)
(Typical in room)
19 Hz
Inputs 2 x Phono line level, 2 x XLR balanced
Input sensitivity (full power) 0.3 / 0.6 V (switchable) @ 100 Hz
Input impedance 22 k ohm
High-pass outputs 2 x Phono line level, 2 x XLR balanced,
31- 125 Hz, 2nd or 4th order high-pass
Input filter 31- 125 Hz, 2nd or 4th order-low pass,
with LFE provision
Auto mute After delay or permanently on (switchable)
Driver type 2 x 300 mm (12”) High Excursion,
Aluminium cone, side firing
50 mm (2”) voice coil,
field stabilised Ferrite Motor System
Enclosure type Closed box
Volume 94 Litre (3.32 cu. ft.)
Dimensions, (H x W x D)
Including feet, grilles & terminals
514 x 562 x 493 mm (20.24 x 22.13 x 19.41”)
Weight 38.5 kg (84.9 lbs)
Mains voltage 230 V or 115 V (nominal), factory set,
50 - 60 Hz
Standby power consumption < 0.5 W (EUP Compliant)
Additional features

3 x User defined presets
Variable phase control, 0- 180 degrees
Parametric Equaliser x 2, -12/ 3 dB Range,
31-125 Hz, Q= 2- 14.4