Definition DS12i Sub (Each)

The Definition Install DS12i sub has been designed to underpin a Definition install theatre or media room system with truly remarkable low frequency performance. Massively constructed around 300 mm (12.00”) professional drive unit, this subwoofer will produce a stunning movie soundtrack Low Frequency Effects and underpin multichannel music with deep, tight and tuneful bass performance. As powerful as it is agile, the DS12i sub is combines precision and speed to reveal the finest musical detail or movie special effect.

The DS12i SUB is built around a compact, heavy-duty 38 litre cabinet designed to be easily integrated in small to medium sized media rooms. Used singly or ideally deployed in pairs or even two pairs (citing Floyd E Toole, Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms), the DS12i SUB is compact enough for multi-sub installation. Extensive internal cabinet bracing minimises panel resonance ensuring a tight and responsive bass performance.

Capable of achieving 38 Hz and with a sensitivity of 94 dB (1 W = 2.83 V for 8 Ohms) the DS12i sub will deliver an SPL of 126 dB peak and has recommended amplifier power of 400 - 800 W into 8 ohms. The front slot port and recessed terminal panel at the rear allows close to wall installation. Finished in rugged textured black paint, the DS12i SUB is fitted eight M10 inserts for off-floor mounting and four rubber feet.