Definition DS15i Sub (Each)

The flagship passive subwoofer in the Definition Install range, the DS15i SUB combines low frequency power, speed and depth for a breath taking movie and and music experience. Designed to underpin systems based on the DS8i and DS12i at the front end, the DS15i combines a 380 mm (15.00”) high power professional driver in a substantially built 76litre port loaded cabinet. The port loading is via a low front slot, giving immersive deep bass and allowing close to wall placement during the install.

The DS15i SUB driver is set into a 36mm front baffle and is capable of handling 600Watt average power, 1200Watt programme material and enormous 2400Watt peaks. The DS15i SUB achieves a class leading sensitivity of 96dB/Watt, giving it 130dB peak SPL output. Capable of driving LFE or bass reinforcement in a medium to large rooms on its own, Tannoy recommends a pair of DS15i SUB’s for even smoother base reproduction and four DS15i SUB’s for those demanding the ultimate is smooth, deep and impactful bass. (citing Floyd E Toole, Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms).

Finished in rugged textured black paint, the enclosure is fitted with recessed, gold plated binding posts, eight M10 inserts for off-floor mounting and four rubber feet. The DS15i SUB offers class-leading performance and is the perfect partner to any high-specification Definition Install system.