Arena Highline 500 LCR (Each)

The range-topping Highline 500LCR offers Tannoy’s flagship-level home cinema sound in compact loudspeaker technology. This larger model incorporates the latest generation of Tannoy’s Dual Concentric™ driver, featuring a 100mm multi-fibre cone bass cone and a centrally mounted titanium dome WideBand™ tweeter. Powered by a potent neodymium motor system, the Dual’s extended bandwidth offers unrivalled focus and intelligibility with excellent spatial imaging. Dialogue is crisp and expressive while remaining faithful to the actor’s vocal character. Effects and soundtracks are delivered with outstanding dynamic scale and wide dispersion, ensuring great sound performance from any seat on your sofa. An auxiliary 100mm bass driver adds low frequency punch and improves intelligibility of deeper male voices.


The flexibility of the Highline range allows each speaker to be mounted horizontally or vertically and used for any channel of a multichannel system. The typical set up of Highline LCR speakers to left, right and below a large screen TV can be complimented with a pair of identical speakers for the rear channel, unobtrusively mounted to the room’s rear or side walls. Even the discreetly front mounted badge can be rotated to ensure it remains upright irrespective of speaker orientation. The use of precision matched speakers for all channels ensures seamless integration of the sound into the room, with smooth panning effects and pin-point spatial detailing.


With a range of mounting options supplied and optional floor stands available each Highline 500LCR is hand finished in deep gloss black.